links for 2008-10-04

  • batch convert vCards and LDIF collections to FOAF
    (tags: FOAF Tool)
  • With ARC, we would like to reach out to the larger Web developer community, to enable the combination(!) of efforts like microformats with the utility of selected RDF solutions such as agile data storage, run-time model changes, standardized query interfaces, and mashup chaining.
  • Semantic CrunchBase is an RDF/SPARQL interface to CrunchBase, the free directory of technology companies, people, and investors.
    (tags: LOD RDF SPARQL)
  • This image shows some of the datasets published in the Linking Open Data community project. Clicking any of the datasets will take you to its project homepage. It is also available in PDF and SVG versions.

    The image shows only datasets that are published as linked data and are interlinked with other datasets in the cloud. A more comprehensive list of available data sources is available in the project wiki.

    This page is maintained by Richard Cyganiak. The diagram (not the datasets) is CC-BY-SA licensed. For any additions, corrections, questions, and comments, please email me at


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