links for 2009-01-30

  • 1. "Linked Data" the meme from TimBL re. adding datum level linkage between resources on the Web (hyperdata) which is (imho) short for: Linked Data Web or Web of Linked Data

    2. "Linked Data" in a much broader sense covering the application / incorporation of HTTP into the time-tested "Data Access By Reference" pattern (pointers) commonly used at the OS and DBMS levels to access and manipulate data.

    Irrespective of 1&2 specifics, there is one common theme: integration of disparate data sources without application, operating system, or network level impediments.

    (tags: LOD)
  • The Semantic Annotations for WSDL and XML Schema (SAWSDL) W3C Recommendation defines mechanisms using which semantic annotations can be added to WSDL components. SAWSDL does not specify a language for representing the semantic models, e.g. ontologies. Instead, it provides mechanisms by which concepts from the semantic models that are defined either within or outside the WSDL document can be referenced from within WSDL components as annotations.
    (tags: W3C SAWSDL)
  • Our cutting-edge research in the use of semantic and services science for data integration, analysis, and process management complements daytaOhio's mission to leverage innovation in data-intensive technologies for economic expansion.

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