links for 2009-04-28

  • The ontology alignment framework is a tool to fully or semi-automatically align two or more OWL ontologies. It is based on heuristics (similarity) of the individual entities (concepts, relations, and instances). As result we receive pairs of aligned entities. Two versions of the software are available, a downloadable java application and a web service. The underlying research has been presented at different events, such as ESWS04, ISWC04, PAKM04, WWW05, ISWC05. See the publication webpage for downloads. Please keep in mind that this is research work in progress. Parts of the tool might not be programmed very sophisticated nor free of bugs. This is proof of concept, but still – it works.
    (tags: OWL FOAM)
  • Henry Story's certificate generation test site for WebID using FOAF+SSL.

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