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  • The RDF Semantics specification [RDF-Semantics] defines four normative notions of entailment for RDF graphs: Simple, RDF, RDFS, and Datatype entailment. OWL 2 specifies two different semantics, with corresponding notions of entailment: the Direct Semantics [OWL2-Semantics] and the RDF-Based Semantics [OWL2-RDF-Based-Semantics]. This document specifies the interaction between RIF and RDF/OWL for all six notions. The Section RDF Compatibility is concerned with the combination of RIF and RDF/RDFS. The combination of RIF and OWL is addressed in the Section OWL Compatibility. The semantics of the interaction between RIF and the OWL 2 Direct Semantics is close in spirit to [SWRL].
    (tags: W3C RIF RDF RDFS OWL2)

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