links for 2011-04-14

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in collaboration with the AGROVOC community and its technical partner MIMOS Berhad has for the first time published its agricultural thesaurus AGROVOC as linked open data (LOD), releasing more than 30,000 connected concepts that return standards-based term metadata.

    AGROVOC covers agriculture, forestry, fisheries, nutrition and related areas. AGROVOC concepts are attached to numerous datasets worldwide, having been used for indexing since the 1970's. Its scope and historic traction gives its URIs the possibility to link all available datasets in its domain area.  The power of AGROVOC as LOD is not only its expression in 20 languages.  AGROVOC LOD is also quickly bridging to other related vocabularies.

    Released only 10 days ago it already contains  some 18,000 outlinks (EUROVOC, GEMET, LCSH,NAL, STW, RAMEAU) and nearly 2000 inlinks (GEMET, RAMEAU).


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