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links for 2011-09-10 (tags: WebID AccessControlList ACL WAC WebAccessControl PPO PrivacyPreferenceOntology DERI LinkedData RDF) Advertisements

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Google APIs Discovery Service – Google Code (tags: Discovery API Google JSONSchema JSON REST)

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Callimachus Callimachus (kəlĭm`əkəs) is a Semantic Web framework for easily building hyperlinked Web applications.  Callimachus allows Web authors to quickly and easily create Semantically-enabled Web applications with a minimal knowledge of Semantic Web principles. (tags: Talis OpenSource RDF Web Framework)

links for 2010-04-23 (tags: Microsoft OData Query Blogpost) DatasetDynamics – ESW Wiki (tags: W3C DatasetDynamics)

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Open Government Data Initiative (tags: Microsoft OpenGovernmentDataInitiative OGDI REST)

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Start Page | Governemnt Catalogs mapped using dcat (tags: DCAT DERI GovernmentOpenData D2R

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Movement on the Big Data Front – DDJ (tags: Cloudera Hadoop MapReduce SPARQL SHARD RDF TripleStore BigData Raytheon BBN)

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Dive Into HTML5 (tags: HTML5 Dogfood Tutorial Primer Example Programming Markup) RDF external vocabulary importer | (tags: Drupal EVOC RDFCCK RDF SPARQL) Smartlogic :: Taxonomy Classification / Software, Sharepoint Metadata and Ontology / Semantic Search (tags: Google SmartLogic Semaphore SemanticSearch)

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zeromq: Fastest. Messaging. Ever. (tags: 0MQ MessageQueue Intel OpenSource LGPL)

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Main Page – Project VRM (tags: Harvard BerkmanCenter VendorRelationshipManagement VRM Health20) EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing (tags: EtherPad WordProcessing RealTime CollaborativeEditing) Google Squared (tags: Data mashup Google Tool) Information literacy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Wikipedia InformationLiteracy SmartInfoConsumer InfoDiet TCamp2010) DIKW – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: Wikipedia DIKW Data Information Knowledge Wisdom Hierarchy) […]